Since I was a little boy, I was always fascinated by wrist watches. I owned1 a lot of watches throughout the years, from simple digital watches, to calculator watches, simple quartz chronographs, up to (non-fancy) automatic watches.

Currently I wear one of these on a daily basis: an Orient Automatic Diver2 and a Casio G-Shock3.

Casio G-Shock AWG-M100B Orient Automatic Diver in gunmetal gray (EM65007B)

I really like the Casio for its versatility: multiple alarms, solar powered, radio controlled time accuracy. I always liked watches with multiple functions. Chronographs with lots of complications. Never was able to buy a automatic chronograph though, mainly because the decent ones are way to expensive.

In contrast to those complicated and therefore visually loud watches I always admired watches of elegant simplicity. The Nomos Tangente comes to mind.

So I ordered an Apple Watch.4 It won’t arrive soon.5 It is by far the most expensive watch I ever bought or owned. The main reason it fascinates me – besides the seamless integration with the rest of my computing devices – is the combination of simplicity and power. On the one hand6 it provides way more power than ever on my wrist. On the other hand there is great visual simplicity.

The face of the watch is just black when not used. The watch face when activated can be as simple or complex as you desire. Starts with just plain analog hands. Add complications as you please. From traditional watch complications to calendar appointments. Change complications based on your current needs.

I’m looking forward to playing around and design just the perfect watch for me.

  1. And torn apart. 

  2. EM65007B in gunmetal gray 

  3. AWG-M100B 

  4. And based on the color choices on my other watches you probably can guess which one

  5. I ordered through the Apple Store app and completed the order before the web store was even up again. I received my order confirmation at 9:04am, three minutes after the store was supposed to reopen. Expected shipping date: 4 to 6 weeks. Crazy. 

  6. No pun intended. Neither of them.